About me

Hi! My name's Amanda Sedaka and I'm a junior in high school! I started Laptops With Love this year once the pandemic started. Before COVID was a thing, I worked with a program at my school called CREW (no not rowing, but rather "Creative Writing Experimental Workshop"). At CREW, we would work with LAs Best to go to an LAUSD elementary school and teach creative writing. This year, we got tablets to bring to the schools for kids to type on if they had trouble hand-writing. I remember one of the biggest issues we had were kids not having electronics at home so we weren't sure how they would get access to their stories. This problem stuck in my mind when COVID hit and schools transitioned to online learning. I thought of the idea when my family was getting rid of our old computer to upgrade and we were about to put it with all the other electronics we've left behind after upgrading over the years. That's when it occurred to me that there were plenty of families out there that need computer donations, especially now, and it also occurred to me that there were plenty of families like mine that had a computer to spare. So I came up with the organizations you're looking at now, Laptops With Love: an easy way to do some good! Please consider donating and spread the word!